Saturday, 17 March 2007

St Patrick's Day

Kennedy's Observation: No amount of green food dye will turn Guinness green.

Spent the best part of the day at an anti-war rally in the city.

Spaetlese radical.

Tonight I am doing a green theme dinner. Well, with a name like Kennedy...

Green pea soup served with some of that very thin crepe-like flat bread, spread with a pesto, rolled up and cut at an angle.

Chicken and green pepper kebabs, served with a herbed rice and a small ramekin of Tzatziki dip.

Wine: Verdhelo, of course.

Baked apple (yes, Stewart's Seedling) and Blackberry with a greenish scone cobbler top and cream.

Black coffee.



  1. If you have any trouble finding dinner guests, which I doubt with a menu like that, PICK ME PLEASE!

    You sound very creative in the kitchen...


  2. That sounds like a great meal. I wonder what we call that bread here in the U.S.?

  3. may a lovely leprachaun wearing a fluffy green merkin appear in the course of your evening celbrations! happy st. p's day to the Kennedy clan!

  4. it any sign of a failure that possum ain't on the menu?

    (Nah, jus jokin'. Still, there is a recipe fer possum in the Joy of Cooking cookbook.)

    And graduates....the assumption is that you have some connection other than just knowing the guys' names. Follow through with that and I land squarely on one of 'em being yer.....Son?

    Oh heck! I dunno. I barely get time t'come in and use the 'puter so much anymore, and the time is about t'get a whole lot more limited. My big show is the end of April and I need t'get all the paintings I can there by then.

    So, good luck to the graduates, good luck on the dinner (sounds good) and remember....
    possume is edible.

  5. Did you hear, by the way, that Marmite have just brought out a Guinness flavoured Marmite in the UK?

  6. Yes Judith, I had. But I had forced the information from my mind.

  7. Mmmm...I'm hungry now--sounds like real gourmet food--healthy too!
    Happy St. Pat's!

  8. Gary: I don't know, that's why I tried to describe it as a crepe - very thin.

    Snowsparkle, really! A green merkin! Leprachauns will never be the same again.

    Boneman: all quiet on the possum front. With the lights, anyway. It is illegal to trap them here so I would never tell you that I did that. The two shadowy possums are my two oldest sons. Good luck with your exhibition.

  9. I don't suppose it is possible to make green coffee either.....sounds like a yummy dinner. We did the corned beef and cabbage with vegetables.....only problem, they are a day late, we are eating it today........

  10. Would I be right in assuming, Lee, that you have Irish ancestry?

  11. i spent my st pats at the only irish pub in my town which is actually run by real irish people - why they picked NC to move i'll never know! but i'm happy they are here - itwas nice n rowdy with trad music and all - but i would have much rather had dinner at your place! sounds delish!


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