Wednesday, 21 March 2007


My apologies to all.

I have had little time for posting of late. Even less for visiting other sites.

I am sure it will change but not for a week or so. (Unrealistic optimism, Mark?)

Next Thursday I have to present my thesis proposal; and it is far from settled yet.

Oh well, back to the keyboard...



  1. :-) It depends how you define the 'so' in the phrase "a week or so".

  2. All the best for your thesis proposal, Lee...I'm sure all will be fine. :)

  3. All the best Lee, being knee deep in two assignments here too I can understand your dilemma!

  4. ok we'll let you slide, but you have to keep us up to date on the possum! lmao... I actually saw one dead on the side of the road yesterday and thought of you! hehehe really! lol
    Good luck with getting your work done!

  5. You're working faster than a one armed paper hanger with an itch......huh?

    Good luck on your thesis.......

    See ya when you get your head above the water line....


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