Friday, 16 March 2007

A step in the walk...

No, not lost, just busy. Sorry, a busy week.

One of the highlights was Martin's graduation - Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce.

The photo above is Martin (right) and Richard on the way to the ceremony.

They are growing up.


  1. They grow up and break your heart right along with making you proud.
    congrats. And a lovely meloncholy photo.

  2. What a fantastic photo! I thought you were gonna ask some art question for a moment. Tall dark and handsome they are. Congratulations for Martin!!

  3. They are all grown up! Wow..seems like it's only yesterday when you start teaching them to play nice to each other right? It speaks volume of how 'young' you are too now! He he he..just kidding!
    Just smile and be proud of what you've done all the years!

  4. Love the photo!
    One can read all kinds of things into it--it is so evocative of a feeling...and the composition and lighting are breathtaking!

    And congratulations are in order, of course!

  5. Graduation is a momentus third child will graduation this next year. I am looking forward to it. That is a great photo. They do grow up fast don't they.


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