Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Some taxi!


My mum, 78 year old, uses public transport extensively.

The other day she wanted to get to a particular plant nursery and walked down to her nearby bus-stop.  A bus was there already and she asked the driver if he went past the nursery.

"Yes" he replied.  He then looked at his watch and said "Look, I don't start my next run for 20 min.  Hop in, I've got time, I'll take you there now."

And he did.

There are some wonderful people out there.


  1. Lee, that is a wonderful feelgood story. Good on the driver for doing something so randomly kind for you mum!

    Yesterday I drove past a city bus that had the inside windows decorated with Christmas stickers, and I thought, "wow, that driver must really enjoy his bus route".

  2. Lee! Lee! Lee! My apologies for not popping in of late!

    I love your story about your Mum and the bus driver! So uplifting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. A lovely story Lee and what a thoughtful bus driver. I hope your Mum enjoyed her visit to the plant nursery, it is always an uplifting experience for me and I'm sure the kindess of the bus driver made her visit even more special.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. I think this could only happen in Australia! I see many random acts of kindness here.


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