Sunday, 4 December 2011

Vegetable Garden Update


Haven't been blogging much but the garden has been growing in my absence.  Basil in the metal pot (had our first fresh pasta with pesto for the year last week).  The closest raised bed is an Aztec mix - corn, pumpkins and climbing beans.  A salad bed (lettuce, coriander, spring onions, parsley and others) behind that and raspberries along the fence.

My Granny always liked to have ripe tomatoes by Christmas - I may make it.  Time will tell. Another salad bed in front of the tomatoes, a tamarillo in the background.  The green bins have climbing beans in one and rhubarb in the other.  Various things in pots - sage, New Zealand spinach, normal chives, garlic chives, tarragon, savoury, chillies, perennial leeks, rocket, strawberries.  Front beds have zucchini and parsley, bush beans.

The worms in the farm seem happy.


  1. Makes me jealous as we hunker down in the snow and cold. Oh well, just wait til it's summer here!

    Enjoy the fine gardening weather.

  2. Seems you qualify as a prolific gardener.

    I know worms are good for aeration but...ewwww.

  3. Your garden looks wonderful, lots of delicious ingredients there waiting for your culinary skills.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Great stuff! Our garden is ok, but the wet weather up here is really taking its toll...


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