Sunday, 6 November 2011

Massacre at the tree of Mulberries


Our mulberry tree is in full fruit at present.

The reason why you wont see them in the shops is that they are very delicate and difficult to pick without bruising and, consequently, getting a very red-purple stain on your hands.

But you had probably guessed that already, hadn't you?

But they were ideal fodder for the saucy part of our 'traditional' Halloween dessert of 'Mud, blood & poached brains'.

For the prosaic, this is dumplings with red berry sauce and chocolate ice-cream.


The tree overhangs the footpath and we happily let people pick what they want, if they want. Some even come to the door and ask if they can.

Saddest question: Are they strawberries?


  1. I am thinking that your life line is being sorely compromised.

  2. My understanding is that you are 'helping police with their enquiries', no?

    Princess: Can you have a life-life without a life? Just asking.

  3. You are a very imaginative chef, the name of your Halloween dessert sounds ghastly but the actual ingredients would be delicious.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. uh...perhaps thin latex gloves next time?

  5. A mulberry tree in your backyard must be a thing of joy. A mulberry tree in a neighbour's backyard is a curse of purple bird poop on your car. :)


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