Saturday, 30 April 2011

Yeah, I watched it...


We watched the Royal Wedding.

Champagne, Crown Roast, vegetables and Queen of Puddings. That made it worth it.

You cannot beat the British for pageantry. And that was worth it too.

But the service touched no chords - as an atheist, it made no sense at all.

And The Age, dumb as ever, had a headline this morning "And now the fairytale begins!".

Didn't anyone tell them that fairytales end when the prince marries the princess?


  1. Did you see the Aston Martin though? Gorgeous. I'm really envious of William now...

  2. Yeah, Bill. That William sure knows how to tee up a good ride.

  3. I watched the Royal Wedding also, I thought it was magnificent; as you have said the Brits cannot be beaten when it comes to pageantry.
    I thought that Kate looked so beautiful, a radiant bride in a wonderful gown, William looked so handsome, two people very much in love ... I hope they will always remain so and wish them every happiness for their life together.
    Pleased that you enjoyed your special dinner.

    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Still chuckling over Chairman Bill's comment. Look at! :)

  5. The hubby saw it on TV and asked, "Who the hell are these people, never heard of them!" LOL and he calls himself a reporter! I didn't watch coz it's work time when they show it live..had to explain to DH that the guy is Lady Di's son!

  6. Cynical you! I agree. The media will try hard to destroy the fairy tale.

  7. It made no sense to me as a republican.

  8. I watched it, too...and enjoyed the spectacle! Sure beats all the doom and gloom that surrounds us!

    I agree with you about the "fairytale" bit though! Not many marriages end up as fairytales, unfortunately, but not wanting to sound like a cynic...I hope the young couple have a long and happy life together!

    I'm forever the romantic...let no one tell you otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hhmmmphhh!! sorry but i for 1 hate all the pagentry.

  10. It was great! Colour, light, hope and pride. With good humoured thousands there and many millions around the world sharing it.

    A bit more like it in this drab, miserable and mean little world, please.

  11. Fairytales end when the prince marries the princess? Well, maybe in the books, but not in the real world.

    Britain's Royal Family is one unending fairytale. Or horror story. (I haven't decided which.)


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