Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 2.

Woke to find a light dusting of snow around the place. Most of it disappeared pretty quickly. Cloud around some of the buildings, esp Trump Hotel. Perhaps a symbolic nebulous hairdo.

Was reading the room service breakfast thing that you hang on your door if you want delivered breakfast (I didn’t but there was nothing on the 55 channels of TV). The “American Breakfast” included a choice of fresh eggs and protein with potatoes. Funny my textbooks said eggs were largely protein. The options of protein were bacon, sausage and ham.

Had a DIY continental breakfast down on the concourse. The principle sources of protein that were available there were sliced cold meat and cheeses.

Saw an open top double decker bus going around the place – no takers to ride upstairs.

First day of the meeting was interesting, with some folk a lot more intense and earnest than others. All terribly keen to save money.

The optimist says that the glass is half full.
The pessimist says that the glass is half empty.
The Industrial Performance bod says that the glass is too big. Downsize and reduce your cleaning staff.

Was taken on a tour of head office – for some reason I felt that, as it was arranged for us to spend an hour looking at it, it would be something special. Art deco, maybe. Or high tech perhaps. But it was an enormous cubical farm. Dilbert lives.

Evening meal at Andy’s Jazz Club. Food good without being ‘wow!’. Music likewise. Good company, nice beer and then home to try to move a few time zones closer to Chicago. Mighty cold walking home but, mercifully, no snow.


  1. Snow? I thought you would be going from Autumn into fair Spring weather!

    xoxo ♡

  2. enjoying your travel log - how long will you be stateside?

  3. Not long - not a tourist visit - flout out Thursday afternoon.

  4. G'day Gaddabout! It looks like you're going to miss your Aussie Easter and ANZAC Day!

    Have a good one!


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