Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Another passport.


Perhaps I wont use this passport but entering a travel phase - off to Sydney tomorrow to sit in on an audit and the Chicago trip approaches quickly, Sunday week.

Boneman said he liked the Institute of Art in Chicago, I see it is only a 15min walk from my hotel.

I assume it is safe to walk in Chicago?


  1. Walk in Chicago? Could you ever live it down. I thought you could only travel by taxi there.

  2. Ooh sexy Lee!! Enjoy your trip.

  3. Very sexy Baron, Errol, I mean Lee, enjoy your trip, will you be flying your own 'fokker'? :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Probably daytime walks only.

  5. We are presently enjoying Spring in the whole area.
    Well, except Chicago, but that's something different.
    They're getting ready for a quick storm (they like to clean their streets before visiting dignitaries like yourself) and moderate temps for them (40s at night, fifties most days, some sixties, and (just in case you have doubts about my "the weather is crazy in these parts" cry) one 83 plopped right down in the middle of a thunderstorm.
    I LOVE the warm, but it's those quick warm-ups and/or cool downs that'll be trouble.
    15 minutes?
    I'll bring two umbrellas (mine inverts for comedic purposes, and some people don't like that)
    (I don't know why not... and upside down umbrella actually holds water and there's something to drink as we go along.)

  6. hi there!

    i haven't been to Chicago so I really don't know ;-D haha... have a safe trip anyway.

    hey, this is Meili of SheWritesYouWrite...

    I'm inviting you to visit my blog and once again share your thoughts...


  7. Goodness me, you're a handsome devil...

  8. Von Richthofen? Nah! it's got to be Errol Flynn.


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