Saturday, 23 April 2011

Home again, I think.


Home again but I think I passed my brain, still heading east, on the way back.

When checking in to Chicago airport, they scanned my carry-on bag. The operator and another guy look closely at the screen and then a guy with blue gloves came up and said "Is this your bag?", "Yes", "I want to inspect it, come over here".

So I collected shoes, belt and computer and followed him over there.

"Before I open it Sir, is there anything sharp in here that may cut me?"

Me thinks: You x-rayed it, Bonzo, you tell me.
Me says: No.

"Please do not touch the bag while I inspect it".

He rummages and comes up triumphant with what had caught the attention of the x-ray guy.

"And what is this?"

"It's the power cord for the computer I am holding."


"Okay, you can go."


  1. I had bad experience with Aussie guys at Sydney airport last year..a male colleague of Indian ethnic was helping to bring my extra hand luggage; and seeing us as a couple..with me head-covered and him an Indian..we were asked to come aside. He was brought into another room for body inspection even though the x-ray thing didn't prompt anything and later released without any reason given. I was asked to wait but nothing was done to me. My colleague said they might suspect we're terrorist!

  2. I am pleased to hear that you have arrived home safely ... despite the jet lag, I hope that your body clock will catch up with the time zone again soon. :)
    Those customs and baggage inspectors sound officious ... I guess they are doing their job but I'm sure some civility might be appreciated.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I'd have been worried about him approaching me with a pair of Marigolds on - Lord alone knows what he could have done to you with those.

  4. Doesn't appear to be an aptitude requirement for airport security.
    Only attitude.

  5. I've always found US Customs to be fools or idiots; I figure the new inspectors are the ones who were too dumb to pass the Customs test.

    I've even been asked if I was bringing pornography into the country! Like there isn't enough homegrown stuff.

    Good luck with getting your head back after such a long whirlwind trip.

  6. Entry and exiting USA puts me off ever going there!

  7. it's worrisome how un-clever we've become...

  8. Did they ask you that old moral torpitude question?


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