Monday, 28 June 2010

Santiago de Cuba - Miscellaneous stuff

Sign on a lift - 'don't use in fires' I understand. Don't smoke, I understand.

But what's the middle prohibition? Women must not stand to the left of men in lifts?

A fort protecting the port of Santiago de Cuba.

A memorial to a general who freed his slaves and gave them machetes to fight the Spanish.


Protecting a cake from the rain. (Actually in Camagüey.)


  1. I love seeing the other side of the world through your eyes Lee..keep it on!

  2. Maybe it means women and men cannot share lifts???

  3. Love these photos, especially the port of Santiago de Cuba, such great places you are visiting.

    Maybe men and women are not allowed to share the lift together?

  4. I looked it up, notice the figures are smaller than the adults, it's meaning is 'no children allowed' I guess that would mean unless accompanied by an adult ... but it still is very confusing and the meaning is not clear. xoxo ♡

  5. looks like, men not allowed to have relations with one legged women

  6. AS Dianne say, they "people" are smaller so maybe no children allowed playing in/with it or along?
    Or could be the toilets sign, either you go up or down, you'll find toilets?


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