Monday, 28 June 2010

El Google

Now, I thought the US (for reasons best known to itself) has all sorts of restrictions on trade with Cuba.

Now, I thought Google was an American enterprise.

Now, ... is Google bigger than the US?

(In any sense of the word bigger you want to use.)


  1. just the tip of the iceberg, sir.

  2. been away and came here to catch up - marvelous photos and your commentary is clever. I am thinking in the previous post the sign meant "no restrooms" or perhaps no restroom activities ;)

    thanks for taking us along on your journeys

  3. probably wouldn't have happened under the last administration. they were cracking down, even looking up people who'd gone in the past and threatening them with huge fines (over $27,000 threatened to one person I know) just outrageous.

    It's not like anyone gets their passport stamped, and you can't go directly from here to there. But.

    I doubt this administration cares much - back to the status quo of ignoring the rules on the books.

  4. United Spite of America. Glad it's lapsed a bit, not before time.

    Fabulous images, the chameleon my favourite.


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