Monday, 21 June 2010

Havana - miscellania

Cannons are used as street bollard - often set at angles. No, the van hadn't hit this one.

Fruit market.

Cabaret Parisien. (A cheaper copy of Tropicana). But loud, colorful and VERY energetic.



  1. Enjoyed the photos. I've wanted to go to Havana for a few years. What's your take on it? Worth breaking our stupid laws for?

  2. maybe this president could unmake the stupid law
    best cigars ever!
    Started smoking them at seven years. Great stuff!

  3. Very nice photos, hope you two are having a great time. xoxo ♡

  4. Great photos, as always!

    It's always amazing to me that living in "the land of the free"; I'm not able to visit a place only 90 miles offshore. Nice that an Aussie from 15,000 miles away CAN visit.

    Thanks for the view.


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