Monday, 13 April 2009

Work in Progress


Still a way to go but it has been nice to return to painting again.

Have really just blocked out shapes and colours so far but can see where it's heading.

It is on three separate canvasses, fixed to two battens. Destined to be hung slightly separated.



  1. It looks great! Where is it of?

  2. Healesville/Yarra Valley - Near Melbourne.

  3. I have obviously not read enough of your archives as I did not know that you had this talent. As we Brits understand the time-honoured Aussie expression : good on yer, mate !

  4. It's looking good, Lee! Looking good.

  5. This is wonderful! How did I miss that you were an artist? I should have known. :^)

  6. Lee!!! for a second, I was like.. "hey.. am I on Lee's blog?"
    I didnt know you painted!!!!

    Cant wait to see the finished piece...!!

  7. Very nice Lee, I love the different shades of green, pretty sky. ♡

  8. That's lovely. I wish I was artsy in that way.

  9. Yeah! Ultra cool!
    I don't understand why you would want to seperate them, but, then. I do know this is one cool painting right here.

    In fact, at the risk of pissing off an artist, maybe stop here, start another one.
    This has all the elements for being a great painting.
    Foreground, background, focal ground.

    Competition from Lee!
    Good job, man!

  10. There is, seemingly, no end to your talents Lee.
    You are very fortunate- & talented.

  11. Boneman: Not much competition from me - I only seem to do one painting every other year.

    Meggie: My biggest asset is that I don't decide beforehand that I can't do something.

  12. I really love your painting Lee!

  13. Love the colors you have begun with. The sky is already looking great and its early in the painting! I havent ever worked with water colors... they scare me as everything is so permanent! lol

    Looking forward to seeing the painting move along!

  14. is there no end to your talents?

  15. good for you! way to go!

  16. Would love to see the end product on the wall, the "hang seperate" idea I like a lot.
    Congrats on the job!!!!!!


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