Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Wedding, Part 2


This photo was taken out on an open platform near the top of the KL Tower.

Steady hands.

The lovely Roni.

The view from the reception area.

The KL tower, from the base, while waiting for a taxi.


Sorry for the quiet of late - got back from five days in Malaysia yesterday, straight back to work.

Will post more over the weekend.



  1. Great photos Lee dear, beautiful bride and handsome groom, I'm glad it all went well, its a shame you have to go back to work so soon.
    I have missed you and your posts. ♡

  2. Beautiful pics! Just glad to see you back :)

  3. Dang! Is this a D only comment box, or is that how the cards were drawn?
    I mean...I don't want to change my name.
    Grown kind'a attached to it.

  4. What a lovely couple you have there! How do you find KL this time? I keep on thinking here..are you still here, are you back already..

  5. my but they're a handsome couple! thanks for sharing

  6. Roni is just gorgeous! Martin too...

  7. What lovely photos. What a lovely couple they are.

  8. Great photos. I would have been leaving my fingerprints in the nearest steel handhold! Fantastic that Roni could pour champagne in that setting.

    Sounds like you've had a full plate. Blogging is great fun but life does sometimes intrude. Apologies definitely NOT required.

  9. Very lovely. Doesn't she have steady hands, rather her than me!

    Well done with the job - the constraints are a shame, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

  10. My daughter is addicted to Bride and Prejudice and now that the pop song Jai Ho is out you can imagine how anything Indian rocks her world.
    Roni and Martin is a beautiful couple, I love the traditional dress.
    All the best to them.

  11. Lovely pics. I like that Roni left her hair down rather do some elaborate thing on her head!

    Good to see you posting again.

  12. quite handsome and beautiful! great photos! congrats!


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