Wednesday, 1 April 2009

On eels and wallets.


And now for something different.

Reports that residual electric charge in the eel skin used to make eel skin wallets is demagnetising credit cards.

There it is men, the way to stop your wife spending - buy her a nice eel skin wallet or purse!


  1. Ha ha! April Fool's joke, perhaps?

  2. No, no, it's serious. The skins are treated by workers who wear latex gloves which are well-known for not allowing static electricity to pass. The static therefore remains in the skin throughout the whole treating, stitching, packaging and displaying process and is only released when touched by the person to whom the wallet is offered. I understand that they're now working to ensure that the static is only released if the wallet is touched by a pickpocket or handbag theif.

  3. Is there any eel skin wallet around?

  4. I didn't know eel skin was resilient enough to be made into wallets.... but politicians on the other hand... have skin thick enough to be made not only into wallets, handbags, shoes etc...

  5. Thanks for the tip. I'll stay far away from the eel skin bags!

  6. Rabbit, rabbit, and happy April Fools Day!

  7. smells a bit fishy from here...

  8. i have heard this for years and from a couple of people who say it happened to them. i thought they stopped making eel skin wallets as a result. hmmmmmmmm...

  9. ah...
    thrty years too late for me.
    First wife was the wild one with the charge cards, the second, while reasonable using, had no idea that she was supposed to actually PAY for them when the bill arrived.

    Perhaps a chair with eel skinned seat to sit in when the bill comes?

    Nah. She kicked me out, too, so, it's up to her, eh?


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