Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sous Vide playing

Bought a Sous Vide controller on-line from a crowd in Canada.  (Don't you love the internet?)

Plug my rice cooker into it, fill it (the rice cooker) with water and the controller then maintains the desired temperature of the water.  Why?  Sous Vide cooking is low temperature cooking.  For example, I am currently cooking lamb backstraps at 58degC (136F).  They will be done in 2hrs and then I will quickly brown them on the BBQ.

They should be moister.

Here is the space to watch:  [Late breaking news: Delicious!].

Have done chicken breasts (70C/158F) and they were much moister than normal method.  Plus can't overcook.

Fish is brilliant.  Moist & flaky.

The jury's out on eggs.  A couple of attempts were less than encouraging.  The white was not set to my liking.  But early days.


  1. Why not just a slow cooker - preferably one with a thermostat?

  2. I've got a slow cooker; I use it for casseroles, curries, etc.

    The advantage of sous vide is a) much better temperature control, you can cook rare beef and b) the food is in bag so it is not stewed but cooked alone at that temperature.

  3. My old man used to do a whole pig's liver in the pressure cooker for a short time. Result was just pink on the inside and just cooked on the outside - perfect on toast with a bit of salt and pepper. Like liver sausage, but not as processed or mushy.

    Never have been able to replicate it. This thing might just give me a chance.


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