Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Meanwhile, below the tamarillo...

Garlic, leeks & shallots in the front block.  Remnants of  parsley & silver beet in the back.  Broad beans earmarked for the back block.  The last of the basil in the tin pot, a bath of mint in the distance.

 Turnips, swedes, beetroots in the back block.  Salad bits in the front.  Tubs have rhubarb, garlic, cabbages, garlic chives, herbs.

Back block has salad things (will have sapphire potatoes once seed potatoes are available), front block getting its turn with green manure.  Sage in the front pot.  Snow peas in the bin closest to the wall.


  1. Everything looks wonderful in your kitchen garden, so much variety for your recipes.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Wow, you've got a lot planted, Lee! I hope the garlic goes well - we've decided it's too warm here in Sydney to grow it well, so we're not planting it this year..

  3. I didn't know you were still here!! (And yes, I know I 'see' you all the time... but it's not the same as in Blogland.) I'm glad :) xo

  4. Well, what's going on here? Planting for some Winter crop?
    Scary that Celia speaks to too warm. This is your "Fall", yes? Is it time to haul North some of the Antarctic ice blocks breaking off? Nevermind.
    It is still nice your Winters aren't eight to twelve inches under snow, although, there are those here that attempt to plant small starter crops in greenhouses.
    Where they get all the green paint, I dunno...

    Probably on sale.

    So, is this Halloween for you folk?
    (enough, boneman)
    Thanksgiving, by any chance?
    (we're not listening...)

    OK, well, just popping by to see what the garden sniffs were.

  5. You've really gotten into the swing of it, Lee. I wish my lettuces, silver-beet and spinach were looking as good. They're all stunted at the moment.

    However, my lemon tree has been continually produce big juicy, sweet I guess I shouldn't complain!

  6. I'm still thinking about this set up.

    I wonder if I can't figure out a way to start up a Winter garden here, covered in plastic, black tubs, keeping the snow below a foot around them...

    Then again, I hear there's a sale on tomatoes at the grocers.

  7. looks wonderful and yummy. my rhubarb is finally big enof this yr. now i just need recipe and time to make a pie - must begin with store bought crust tho.


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