Monday, 9 April 2012

The (F)easter Holidays

I'm an atheist, so Easter wasn't that much of a religious experience although I am looking forward to tonight's debate between Richard Dawkins and Archbishop George Pell on the ABC.

No, Easter was a Feaster for the Burwood crew.

Friday Breakfast - Hot Cross Buns.  Of course, I had waited a year for them.

Friday Dinner:
Mushrooms Kilpatrick as a starter.
Roast Lamb, baked potatoes and salad for main
Individual Bread & Butter Puddings, made with hot cross buns, for dessert.

The lamb is unusual - it is cut to the bone in a series of slices that makes the leg look like a pile of chops held together by the bone.  A stuffing made of parsley, garlic, capers, anchovies, breadcrumbs and olive oil is smeared between the slices and then the whole lot tied up with string and roasted.  To carve you just slice down the bone and there you have it.  Yummy chunks of aromatic roast lamb.

Made some microwave marmalade while all this was going on.

Saturday Breakfast was toast and marmalade.

Saturday lunch was wraps made with leftover lamb, stuffing and garlic yoghurt.

Saturday dinner was sous vide lamb backstraps (58degC, 2hrs), browned on the BBQ,  sliced and served on a bed of home-made hommus, garnished with garlic yoghurt, thinly sliced red onions and roasted walnuts.  Tomato side salad.

Sunday breakfast was boiled eggs.  Tried Heston Blumenthal's method (bring to boil, cover, take off heat, wait 6 min and serve) but slightly overcooked them - yolks just past runny.  Need to practice.  Plus toast, croissants, chocolate...

No Sunday lunch needed.

Sunday dinner:
Pumpkin and Fetta 'tarts'; experimented with taco shells.  Tasted great but hard to manage with a knife and fork.
Lamb with cauliflower mash and chickpea pancakes.
Almond cakes with pureed quince and Greek Yoghurt.

Monday lunch - toasted sandwiches with a medley filling from the leftovers.

Monday Dinner: Bung-Ho Pork.  Named after Margaret's Dad who liked the dish and also had the habit of walking into room with a general greeting "Bung-ho!".  The meat is belly pork, usually slow cooked in a soy/sherry/ginger/star spice/cinnamon mix.  Today I am trying a variation in a pressure cooker I got for my birthday.  Served with rice and sliced spring onions.

The diet starts tomorrow.


  1. That all sounds delicious, perhaps you should have your own cooking show. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. "There are no atheists in rabbit holes."

  3. So what religion are the rabbits?

  4. wow. You are an artist in the kitchen, too.

    (I thought it was fox holes.)

  5. No foxholes in a rabbit burrow?

  6. Jewish maybe? Their leaders are Rabbis?

  7. thought of you last night Lee whilst watching the debate. bit of a fizzer i thought. i believe in god ( not catholic - Anglican) and have read quite a bit of Dawkins works over the past few years in an attempt to try and get me to perhaps question my faith - so far he has failed, and last night i thought Dawkins to be quite "tired" and un enthused, in fact rude at times. Pell appeared tired also - neither convinced me that they really wanted to be there.

  8. I agree it was dull. Dawkins nine parts asleep. Pell kept digging himself deeper and deeper into the poo. Tony Jones asked some ripper questions.

  9. I am fortunate enough to have both mother and mother-in-law still around and living locally. So we don't have to cook, just eat. Guess I'll be joining you on that diet. {*grin*}

    (I assume that the ABC you refer to is the Australian Broadcasting Company and not the American Broadcasting Company familiar to the watchers around here.)

  10. Feast indeed! I think you've made hasselback lamb (like hasselback potatoes, only cooler). Cooking boiled eggs is an art form - I get them properly soft boiled about one time out of three. I've given up and now make egg salad from hardboiled ones. And I'm considering changing my entry greeting to "Bung ho!"..I like it very much! :)

  11. I will grow fat in your house. I'm so lucky you're not my husband haha. (But I envy Margaret!)


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