Sunday, 17 July 2011

Still alive. Sort of. Kind of.


Blogging enthusiasm has been at an all time low of late.

Originally this blog was started as a core family blog but few, if any, family seem to read it. One maybe. Around it were three other blogs covering sex, religion and politics. This meant I could rant and rave 'off broadway' and not startle the gentler members of my reading family. The religion and sex blogs still exist but I am not planning any posts. I think I have said all I want to on those subjects.

The active blogs are listed in the side bar on the right. A chemistry one that will get spasmodic posts, as required, and I am keeping the original political blog as there is too much disinformation out there not to point at it in amazement or dismay from time to time.

Through all of this my alter ego, Mr Newbery, has continued to write his rhyming slant on the world.

The blog no longer automatically posts to Facebook but I will manually add links as it seems appropriate.


  1. My family never reads my blog either. Just keep writing..

  2. It is so nice to have you return, we have missed you and your interesting posts.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I missed you, also! Especially when your blog went missing there for awhile. Glad to have you back.

  4. It's a worldwide affliction, and probably a repercussion of something some missed.
    It probably wasn't meant to be entertaining, although several have been entertained by your friendly discourse on everything from the taste of egg white to an indepth study on HOW scam artists "read our minds"...
    My own personal favorite is the essay on the difference between porn, erotica, and nudity, a truly enlightening essay.

    But then, as we get older, our fingers want to touch something beyond the plastic keys of the computer, want to hear something besides the humming of the tower, and what's up with the blinking lights?
    Can't it just have ONE light..."your computer modem is on... your computer modem is off"

    Ah well, you do have a beautiful wife. Wonderful sons, and if they chose to not join in on your blog...well, don't take it too seriously.
    They may, one day, ...when they realize that they can connect with Bernie in Kazan doing videos of the World Chess Championship playoffs, or with brilliant scientists doing studies on the melting Antarctica.

    Still... blogs have their place.
    And if I was closer to Florida, I think I would be posting...maybe once a month.

  5. I am an idiot. Cosmo is your alter ego? And family...yes, I thought my blog would be a nice way to keep in touch with them. Some still read it, and then ring to complain.. ;-)

  6. I love this shot! Good to see you back...

    And I love your alter ego and his poems!

  7. i know what you mean; but it sounds good to me, Mr. Newbery

  8. Know what you mean, Lee. I, too, am going through a lack of blog enthusiasm. I think it is a healthy manifestation, though

  9. Hello Lee, I totally understand, I haven't blogged often in the last few years. But nice to see that a few of you are still around. I lost all my quick links and just got to busy with life to blog....nice to see you again. (Found you again through Cosmo)

  10. I too have missed you wit and wisdom. But I understand, I have been less than productive for a while.

  11. Same here, blogging not as much as before .. just now and then.

  12. Same here, not blogging as much any longer .. I feel I'm getting to busy ... haha ... glad to see you popping up now and then though.


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