Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Archibalds


The Archibald Prize is an annual prize for portraiture in Australia.

Every year the thirty or so finalists go on tour and I try to catch them when they are in Victoria. This year they were on display at the stunning Tarrawarra Museum (and winery) in the Yarra Valley.

The winner was a painting of Australian artist Margaret Ollie. (Above)

To put its size in perspective, here is a picture of the artist with Margaret, in front of the painting:

A fascinating cross-section of styles on display and then lunch at the winery.

Not very hard to take at all!


  1. ha...the model doesn't seem at all impressed.

  2. That's a very GOOD painting of Margaret Ollie! :)

  3. well, Jeanie may have something there...
    But, I think it may be that he painted her in her own studio, and...well... That's one heck of a lot of paint...


  4. A fitting tribute, as Margaret Olley passed away today...

  5. It was also the second time Margaret had been the subject of a winning painting in the competition.

  6. well...
    how terribly nice of me to wander over and poke fun.

    Not much funny about death, you know. Did you know that for two or three days, fingernails and hair continue to grow? Of course, phone calls tend to taper off.
    Some modern folk have been opting for a cell phone in their coffin when they go.
    I can't tell if it's for "just in case" or, perhaps they think they can hear when dead and they have elaborate dial tones.
    Yeah... I guess the best part about death is not having to go to work the next day.
    Well, unless one IS the coroner,

    I'm with Eddie Izzard on the whole thing, really.
    I just want to live `till I die. No more, no less.

  7. I used to love the Archibald. I worked at Michael Commerford's gallery in Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney, some years ago...that's a brilliant painting of Margaret Ollie, who is herself a brilliant artist....


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