Sunday, 7 November 2010

Up boy! Up!


I've grown nasturtiums on and off over the years. On occasion put them in salads or used the flowers as a garnish.

Never thought of them as a climber though - more of a crawler.

I read somewhere that growing nasturtiums up you apple tree will discourage Coddling Moth.


Well, I'll give it a go and Lo! they do climb. Apple trees, anyway.

Have I created a monster?



  1. No you haven't created a monster, I think it looks lovely as a climbing plant and I hope it keeps those Coddling Moths away.
    Love the yellow flowers!
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. ah but does the monster eat the coddling moth?

  3. Oh that is interesting. We have nasturtiums planted with our apple trees too, but they haven't been climbing..

  4. Wonderful! I'd not heard that, but I'll try it next spring. Do let us know if it appears to work...

    We're having unseasonable warmth - lovely for orchard chores. Spent the last 2 days spraying 500 gallons of compost tea to aid decomposition of leaves etc, and tomorrow a friend is coming to help me plant 3000 flower bulbs near the trunks. Theory is that the April blooms will nurture the crop of pollinators and make them strong by the time the apples bloom the first week of May...and the succession of leaves (I'm stack-planting 1,000 ea. of daffodils, species hyacinth and allium) mulching under the trees will discourage grass. I should have bloom from April through June. It'll be an interesting experiment. If it doesn't do good things - it'll still be pretty!


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