Saturday, 6 November 2010

Coming together...


Our solar panels went live this morning! Woohoo! For the day, we have so far used 1.2kWh from the grid and exported 9.5kWh back to it.

In the meantime, we have harvested broad beans, potatoes, broccolini, silverbeet and some sage from the vegetable garden and planted tomatoes (Galapagos, Borghese, Grosse Lisse & one I forget), a pot of basil and some sweet corn. And shook a big bowl of mulberries from the tree in the front garden.

Dinner tonight: silverbeet & ricotta ravioli with burnt butter and sage, followed by spicy lamb cutlets with garlicky broad beans.

And a bottle of home brewed dark ale for the cook while he shells the broad beans.

Life can be good.


  1. Interested in the PV panels. We're considering them for our newbuild.

  2. ....along with an air-source heat pump and underfloor heating.

  3. Pleased to hear that your solar panels are up and running, I hope you get a credit for your exported kilowatt hours.
    What a wonderful harvest from your garden and your dinner sounds amazing, life certainly does seem good at your place.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Hooray, the broadbeans finally made it! Ours are nearly done now. Could you please post pics of your toms when they're ready? We're only growing cherry toms and romas this year - kept it very basic and tried to pick low pest varieties - but I would love to see what the more fancy ones look like. And we've gone bonkers on corn for some reason - hopefully it will all grow! :)

    How wonderful that you have a mulberry tree! All we get are the purple droppings from the birds who eat from the tree two doors up..

    Life can indeed be good, but sometimes it takes the right outlook on life to truly appreciate special days like the one you've described. Good for you! :)

  5. So going to have that one day on my own house too, well done Lee!!


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