Sunday, 31 October 2010

Use what you have got...


So, what do you do with a Mince Pie that is in the shops TWO MONTHS before it is needed?

Turn it into a Halloween spider, of course.


  1. I LEAP the the assumption that EATING IT never crossed the Aussie imagination. But then again, I'm only a slow, retired even, citizen of the U.S.

  2. And a cranky one, to boot! :-P

    I like traditions and rebel against things like Hot Cross Buns in the shops on Boxing Day.

    Plus I was too lazy to make 'cupcakes' to use and just bought some mince tarts. Should have bought something else I guess.

  3. Yes the Mince Pies have been in the shops for quite a while now ... what a cute idea for Halloween! :-) ♡

  4. So who has the hairier legs - you or the spider?

  5. Or was it ten months after it should have been sold?

  6. I thought for one dreadful moment you had added liquorice legs to a meat pie!

    Ps in view of your work, I wonder if you would be interested in a post by another blogger?

  7. as long as it stays on the plate...

  8. No, just EAT IT!!! Yum. Love mince pies :))) The best part of Xmas. And of course, the only 'mince' this veggie can eat :)))

  9. nice pic also

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