Sunday, 10 October 2010

Spring is really here!


The wisteria resumes it's duty - to hide the front water tank.

Love daisies of all sorts - always fascinates me that they are really a bunch of tiny flowers.

With irises, violas, pansies, wisteria, bluebells and honesty, there is a strong purple theme in the front garden.

Quinces have the most delicate pink flower.

A jasmine has found its way into the cumquat and thinks I haven't noticed.

And, and my brain is in flower!


  1. Gorgeous colours in your garden! I've never seen a quince flower before - so delicate!

  2. Your garden is a picture of loveliness, such beautiful flowers and colours, I'm sure the fragrance is amazing.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Same here, I go for walks at 5:30am and the fragrances are awesome!!

  4. I love wisteria. They don't bloom long here, though.
    That's a great wall-hanging in the bottom pic.

  5. WOW!
    You folk down yonder sure do things BIG for Spring!
    Here's hoping for your continued rain bits when you need it!

  6. thanks for the flower show - as ours are dying, I can come here and enjoy yours! Just from the glimpses, you must have lovely yards and gardens.

  7. That Wisteria is stunning. Am wondering if it can be grown in a HUGE pot?

    Our jasmine invaded a lemon tree this year. it took 2 hours to cut it back.

  8. The seeds of your winter thoughts germinating?

  9. beautiful shots! jealous. fall here, leaves falling.


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