Sunday, 25 July 2010

I'm back! Well, sort of.


In fact we got back 4:45am Friday before last but I have been playing catch up this last week and blogging has kept being pushed back: tomorrow, tomorrow...

At last (I hope I hear you cry), it has reached 'today'.

It doesn't pay to go away for six weeks - all sorts of things happen. Saint Kevin has joined the pantheon of fallen idols; Queen Julia has grabbed the throne and headed off to an election; the garden has grown even though it is winter and pruning is the order of the day.

I will use the Odd Angry Squawk one for electoral comments.

I hope to be more frequent with my Chemist's Kitchen posts.

And Mr Newbery has a few observations from his travels that will be posted over coming days.

Sort of back? Well, I head off to Sydney for three nights tomorrow for work related stuff. I thought I had done with hotel rooms for a while. Mind you, JCN seems to thrive on solitary confinement so the nights are not entirely lost.


  1. Great to have you back dear Lee, I think it would be fair to say that we have all missed you ... but I did enjoy your holiday posts and pics so that we knew you were OK.
    Yes, a lot has changed here in the six weeks you have been away.
    Enjoy Sydney and yet another hotel room. xoxo ♡

  2. How long can you bear to stay in hotels? See the queen takes over when you're away..

  3. When last seen, he was arm and arm with three or four Irish, all singing up a drunken tune and stepping into yet another bar.
    Alas, morning came, and he found himself on the plane wondering things like, "how did I get here ?"
    amd... "Shanghied?"

    All he could remember was a drum and fife band, and a fine lady with a red hat.

    He looked to his left, "no...definitely not her,"
    looks to his right, "uh-oh..."

    So thw question boiled down to two things.
    Was he on the right plane....
    had he forgotten his wife....

    hmmm. Probably best to stay silent about this and wait to see how it plays out.

    (say 'hi' to Mum, for me.)

    (Margaret, too...)


  4. You didn't miss much, except Kevin Rudd blubbering.


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