Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Change of scene....

Currently in Dublin, sipping Guinness.


For those of you who are wondering where JCN is, he is alive and well and also enjoying the Guinness.


  1. They let you go!?
    I was worried for a bit. Didn't know if you were going to try to sneak some of those Cuban cigars out...
    (Margaret would have had your head!)

    ( mean she left with you? And she's reading this, now?..uh-oh. Sorry)

  2. Pleased to hear that JCN is also well, enjoy your Guinness and your time in Ireland. xoxo ♡

  3. The Cubans let me go. It was the Stalinist border protection bods at Miami that were more problematic.

  4. An Irish man shows up in a pub one day and orders three pints of Guinness. He takes sips from each glass until they are empty and calls the bartender for three more. The bartender says, 'Sure it's up to yourself, but wouldn't you rather I was bringing them one at a time? Then they'll be fresh and cold.'

    'Nah...' your man says, ' I'm preferrin' that ye bring 'em three at a time. You see, me and me two brothers would meet at a pub and drink and have good times. Now one is in Australia, the other in Canada and I'm here. We agreed before we split up that we'd drink to each other's honour this way.'

    'Well,' says the bartender, 'that's a grand thing to do, all right. I'll bring the pints as you ask.'

    Well, time goes on and your man's peculiar habit is known and accepted by all the pub regulars. One day though, he comes in and orders only two pints. A hush falls over the pub. Naturally, everyone figures something happened to one of the brothers. A group of the regulars corner the bartender and finally persuade him to find out what happened. With a heavy heart, the bartender brings the two pints and says, 'Here's your pints... and let me offer my sincerest condolences. What happened?'

    The Irish man looks extremely puzzled for a moment, and then starts laughing.

    'Oh, no, no, no! 'Tis nothing like that. You see, I've given up drinking for Lent...'

    Begorrah! Begorrah!

  5. Having been married to an Irishman for a little over a decade I can attest to the veracity of that kind of story ;)

    And from Dublin you go where? What a switch from Cuba!

  6. Tis a funny joke for sure and I be laughing at it.

    ádh mór,is mise Dianne. :) xoxo ♡


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