Sunday, 25 July 2010



The winter vegetables seem to have survived happily without me.



  1. They all look very green and healthy! xoxo ♡

  2. Wow they survive better without you!

  3. The demise of many gardeners...
    some gardens fare so much better without the prodding, poking about, and burning with fertilizers.

    Of course, some go to grass taller than any tomato plant in there (are there veggies in there?) like mine.
    Rain made the grounds like quicksand...never could get in and erradicate the grass.
    Looks like a wonderful treat for a passing horse, save for the tomato plants still in there.
    Nightshade family.
    My luck, it would be a stupid horse, eat the plants, and next thing you know, growing a dead horse in the garden.

    Neighbors, I'm sure, would come by to ask what the smell was.
    "Whatcha growing, berry?"
    "Ah," I would reply, "Beets. I always thought that's what it meant, you know...Beet a dead horse..."

    (and the groan was mighty)

    I'de say "welcome home" but it sounds like I should hold my tongue till you actually GET home, eh?

    bduh bebbertbuh buh buhome bdan sunbidaqrebelse

    (maybe I shouldn't actually 'hold my tongue' while I'm writing?)

    but, better to be back home than somewhere else!
    (Home being Australia!)

  4. When I saw Growth I thougth it's going to be a picture of your holiday beard? Now I'm not sure if I'm glad or dissapointed?
    Great to hear you guys are back safely on home soil.

  5. Goodness, you don't sit still much, do you?
    Glad both of you are home safe.

  6. welcome back - looks like there'll be plenty to eat!

  7. hmm.... very happiliy indeedt!!

  8. Wow they look wonderful! I dont think anything would survive our winters here!


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