Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A transplant, briefly.


Up in Sydney for a few days. I keep hoping I will find a hotel room that doesn't look like every other one worldwide. Pointless quest, I fear.

They make fun of Melbourne but this place is cold and wet! Mind you the aircon at work is set to sub-arctic for some reason.

And yes, I know, you poor folk in the top half of the world are considerably colder and wetter. But I feel like sooking, ok? (You know all about men with colds? Right. Same deal.)


  1. Awww....

    Yeah hotel rooms are like that aren't they? Although in Asian countries, they are quite different...there you start thinking, "I wish I hadn't complained about how all the hotel rooms in the world looked the same, cos right now that would be soooo good."

  2. Enjoy Sydney, it's the more polluted and expensive version of Melbourne.


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