Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hail Mother Nature!


The photo, above, is of some of the remnants from our hail storm today. The bit of a green leaf, front right, is from a lime tree, to give you some size guide.

The things were the size of grapes (despite the media hype, I saw none the size of golf balls) and the noise inside the house was incredible.

Like being trapped in a popcorn maker.


  1. We got golf ball sized ones. And a few broken windows.

  2. wow!! isnt it summer in australia!?

  3. Hail? I'm looking forward to hail, if it means "not snowing". :)

  4. All hail the seasonal change?

  5. I saw it on the news and was thinking about you and hoped your garden and house were left unscathed. xoxo ♡

  6. Oh - hilarious description of being trapped in a popcorn maker. Glad you survived!


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