Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Screw loose.

Why is that, in the good ol' days of corked bottles of wine, you would open the bottle and then fill glasses as needed from the open bottle. No problems. You never put the cork back in the bottle.

Now, with the advent of the screw top wine bottle...why do we put the screw cap back on the bottle?

Hands up all of you who have gone to pour another glass of wine and not noticed that the screw cap was back on it? Doh!

Why do we do that?


  1. Never been a problem, but that might be because I only drink scotch which has always been a bit screwy. {*grin*}

  2. Once opened, the top is superfluous.

  3. I have noticed that, Lee...but it's never me who has done it but another and I always wonder why!

    Also I wonder now with all the screw-tops, do we still have to lay wine? Not having to keep the corks moist, what is the present practice? I still lay mine, but I often wonder.

  4. at a friends recent cocktail party i attempted to open one of these newfangled ones with an old fashioned corkscrew. but so did 2 other people!

  5. I have to admit being surprised when even the expensive wines started using screw caps! No more delightful cork popping noises, I'm afraid.


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