Monday, 10 August 2009

Why bother?


Been getting a bit of spam happening of late so I have put on limited moderation; it cuts in once a post is over three days old. Most of my 'regulars' have commented by then so it should be little inconvenience. Hope that's the case.

But what do they hope to gain spamming in Chinese (?) to a site clearly frequented by people who can read English?

Beats me.


  1. I thought I had a Chinese fan who was saying wonderful things about me, if only I could read it.

  2. I thought they might be advertising Chinese herbal remedies. :-) ♡

  3. Lee - I agree entirely with the sentiments of your anonymous Chinese contributor.

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  5. did that appear here? I wish my mom had not pulled me out of that Chinese kindergarten when I was least I might be able to guess what it said..

  6. maybe they think you have google translator.

  7. google translator falls short of translayting the entire message, so, I'm guessing that it links to someplace you really don't want to explore.
    Really dangerous sites out there...and as one doesn't understand the statement, it might be asking for permission to empty your bank account.
    I tell all my friends that don't want these to do the two step blogger number...
    Click on the takes you to another window.
    There's a box that says "selete forever?" check the box, then click on the delete comment
    Goes away.

    For you, Lee, there's another route you have to take.
    Or not...
    Go back post by post and look.
    Probably you have others poked in back issues and posts.

    In your 'settings' file, you can choose to have all comments filtered through a moderaton after 14 days ( i think)
    the easier way to go while retaining some really thoughtful and intelligent comments.
    oops....get the idea that someone has made a comment that got washed out?
    I found the article you did on erotic/porn/art photographs.
    I, like some, answered to many of the pictures. OK, I answered to ALL the pictures. Took quite a while, but, they were fairly well thought out, and, as usual, contained a wide variety of humor without crossing the line into gaudy. OK, maybe one was gaudy.

    Didn't matter. I felt i had done a good enough job that I would have gotten a reply, but when I went comment.
    That's when I noted the date.
    For crying out loud, I think you may have posted it last January.
    (and now the big laugh) OF 2007!
    I can't tell you how much I laughed at myself!
    (Boundaries III)
    Thing is, you brought up some seriously good stuff, and, gosh, I have to say, so did I. But, haven't had time to pull everything together enough to ask if I could repost it (it was seriously that good of an article! Good job, Lee!)

    Sorry for your chinese woes.
    Another thought is do the moderation for a couple of weeks. When nothing shows up, anymore, then drop the moderation.

    You know, there's aan e-mail going around that says that canned meat is bad for your health.
    But...don't worry about it.

    It's just spam.


  8. That last contribution from the east says:

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  10. oh yeah...and you'll hate this one....

    the one you had been bragging about?
    word under deformed glass identification?

  11. lol - I notice s/he is persistent. Must be some really good discounts ;)

  12. LOL! You've got that Chinese spam again!!

    I keep getting spammed in Russian...

  13. Maybe it is that your thoughts are so unique and important that some Chinese person thinks you are the best! No, I didn't think so either but it might be true....

  14. You will just have to start up the old Word Verification again, Lee. I had the same problem as you and that cured it.

  15. Chinese spam is spicier than ours.

  16. That's a lot of ads from the same automatic nonsense generator. Word verification should fix it. Otherwise that is one desperate markting personnel.

  17. Looks like they are overreacting??


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