Thursday, 16 July 2009

Recipe Malfunctions I & II



  1. Thank God you're back. Thought you'd died!

  2. Its lovely to have you back dear Lee,I hope you are still enjoying your career... you are missed. ♡

    There are a lot of recipe 'malfunctions' both in cook books and on the Internet.

  3. Hardy har, har, I love baked risotto, but not for dessert.

    Great to see you back:)

  4. the truffles always get me to remembering that when hunting them, they give the pig a bit as they go along.
    Keeps the pig sharp to the specific smell, keeps him happy.
    And then sell it for a mark up rating right up there with caviar, morel mushrooms, gooseberries....are truffles.
    This elixir of the kings...fed to pigs.
    Ah. Sweet ironies.

    Looks tasty as can be, but, I dare say the truffles are out.
    I'll experiment and report back.


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