Sunday, 16 December 2012

Santa's Little Helper (& notes)

Why does the end of the year always sneak up on me?  It happens every year, you’d think I would learn.   So, what did we do, see or even learn in 2012?

Margaret continues to work part-time.  She has enjoyed volunteering for ‘Clean up Australia Day’, ‘Tree Day’ and ‘Open House Melbourne’ with the family.  Thoroughly enjoyed the amazing Napoleon Exhibition when it was in town.   Is enjoying our blackberry crop and all is well with the world when little George (see below) is around.  Loves the delight she sees in ‘Uncle Simon’ and ‘Uncle Richard’ and wishes that she could bottle it.

Martin & Roni
Martin & Roni became parents.  Margaret became a grandparent. Lee is in denial and, at best, will concede that he is married to a grandmother .

Martin  has been accepted into Insead Business School (Singapore & Paris) to do an MBA, starting in September 2013.

Richard & Shu
Richard continues to work at a philately auction house but is study editing  at Melbourne University.  Shu continues to progress at the ANZ Bank.  They are buying an apartment, working on Sundays at Shu’s dad’s bottle shop and planning a trip to Shanghai in the New Year.  They are both enthusiastic members of Toastmasters.

Simon is studying  urban design at RMIT and also working as a barista at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.  Enjoying being an uncle.  Earlier in the year he won tickets to six concerts at the Recital Centre and has enjoyed taking different people along to see them.  Also went to see Coldplay perform earlier in the year.

Lee continued his battle with the possums, continued with his new job with the company that bought the company that bought his company and his alter-ego terrorised the internet with various writings, some of them rhyming.  He delighted one and all with his culinary exploits, on Halloween especially, and he is currently planning the appropriate meal for the end of the world, Dec 22nd, according to the Mayans.  The garden is an oasis, thanks to his TLC. 


  1. It sounds as if you have all had a good year with your various interests.
    You have delighted us by sharing many photos of your garden and family and your writing dear Lee.
    George, looks adorable, such a precious addition to your family.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Dear Cos....ooops, Lee....

    George is blooming; what a dear little pet he is! (what a great name ...I resemble that - "George" that is, not "pet"!)

    You really must be loving having him in your lives. :)

    I hope you, Margaret and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Lee. Enjoy being with your loved ones. And may 2013 treat you all kindly.

  3. I'd plan that meal for the 21st, Lee...unless, of course, you intend dining alone on the 22nd.

    The Mayans reckon it's all coming to an end on the come you'll still be around on the 22nd?

    Perhaps you're protected by the cosmos...hmmmm...that could be it!

  4. That's what comes from using a dodgy calendar, I guess.

  5. I wish you and Margaret a very Merry Christmas, Lee and may 2013 treat you all well.

    Enjoy your special time with that beautiful little fellow. Savour every moment you spend with him. They are precious little beings.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all. :)

  6. Well,that certainly has been a wonderful and amazing year!

    And no proper apocalypse could go off without a little battle royale involving possums. Good luck and godspeed, lad!

  7. Sounds like 2012 was a banner crop :)
    Merry Holidays.



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