Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mayan End of the Year Knees-up

No, I don't believe the nonsense about the end of the world.

Yes, I do recognise a good dinner opportunity when I see one.

Tried to keep as close to the Mayan pantry as possible.

"Non-Virgin?", I hear you ask.  Well it is flour-less you see... 


  1. Bloody Mayans! They had to pick the 21st December!

    How come in the Northern Hemisphere it will be all over in the shortest time; the 21st is their shortest day of the year...while here, down south, it's our longest day of the year!

    It's going to be dragged out for us!!

    And it'll all be over and done with down this way before the Northern Hemisphere gets under way.

    Is that fair I ask of you?

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  3. OMG, "flour-less" - jeez, I love puns but that is really a groaner.

    Great idea for a feast though; I'm not anywhere near imaginative enough to do something like that. Nice work.


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