Sunday, 8 January 2012

Up, down, whatever.


Last year a a friend gave us a begonia in a plastic hanging basket.  Not having anywhere to hang it I put it in a tall pot on a ledge.

After a worrying dormant winter, where there was no sign of the plant in the pot at all, it reappeared and is growing beautifully on our front verandah.

Half wants to grow upwards and half wants to hang down.

But it is pretty even if directionally challenged.


  1. Perhaps it is normally up but you aftershave is just...just wonderin', that all.

  2. It is very lovely and looks healthy.
    Some begonias have a habit of dying down over Winter, remaining dormant and then they burst forth with new growth in the Spring.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Obviously I meant to say: "Perhaps it is normally up but your aftershave is just too much for it." I never claimed to be an editor.

  4. I've never tried indoor pots or slightly indoor ones..worried that they can't stand me or the other way round. Yours look lovely be it up or down!

  5. Is a geranium a begonia? Guess I could look that up, right?

    'Tis lovely.

  6. Definitely a Begonia. Actually, what most people think is a geranium is really a pelargonium and not a geranium at all. Fascinating, no?

  7. It looks beautiful on your window sill. I'm so glad it has had a resurrection.

  8. Thank you, Lee!
    Now, I need to find what a geranium really looks like.


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