Monday, 9 January 2012

No thanks, I'll have a Coke.


Anyone who has seen Japanese games shows on TV knows that they are part of a different world.

But vending machines that doll out used (!) school girl's knickers?

A colleague at work said that he had seen them in Tokyo.  I took him at his word but, when I told Margaret, she demanded proof.

It wasn't hard to find and, for the sceptics, Snopes confirms it to be true too.

It is a different world out there.


  1. Japanese living in a different world.

  2. No thanks, that is just too perverse.


  3. I wonder if there's a market for my used snot rags?

  4. That's foul stuff. I remember doing an assignment on Japanese culture (almost 10 years ago) and a Japanese student said they didn't have these machines anymore.

  5. It's rare for me to be grossed out, but that really has succeeded...


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