Friday, 21 October 2011

A Taste of Prague

A beautiful city, this is just a taste of what we saw and did.

I knew Alphonse Mucha (pronounced 'moo-car') did art nouveau posters, this is a section of a church window in St Vitus Church.

Lots of Trams.

Um...some cafe.

For some reason, St George has a big following in Prague. Lots of statues to him. Certainly seems to have wiped out all the dragons.

Segway tourism.

St Vitus Church.

Lots of Art Nouveau decor about the place.

The astronomical clock - very pretty but couldn't figure out how to tell the time on it.

Lots of shops selling puppets.

Spit roast ham in one of the main squares.

Another doorway.

Bridges on the River Vltava.


  1. Did you do a dance in St Vitus'?

  2. Lovely photographs, Prague looks like an interesting and beautiful city.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Wow! Great photos, Lee! I like any city that allows people to ride around on Segways - they're banned here!

  4. I bet Margaret bought a lot of puppets..coz I know I will! Hmm..I like the statues..

  5. Chairman Bill:Alas, Lee is allergic to dancing.
    HLiza: I didn't buy any puppets. I did spot a gorgeous Art Deco letter rack in a wonderful Prague junk shop. That is all we bought Oh!except for my Chanel No5. As you can see Lee is amazing at capturing the memories of all the places we visit.They are all the souvenirs we need, they are unique and we treasure them as our view, our take, our memory joggers. Needless to say I love all Lee's photos, even the wicked ones which he never misses!


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