Sunday, 29 November 2009

Miraculous shade of green.

Raspberries and climbing beans.

Last weekend I put up a 3.6m x 6m shade cloth over the vegetables.

That's 12ft x 18ft for those still with Imperial connections.

But I needed the shade, plants were getting burnt. And when I watered the soil was dusty, even though I had watered it the previous evening. And it's not even summer here yet.

Since I put up the shade cloth, we have had drizzle, showers and even the occasional rain.

Wish I had done it earlier.

Mind you, after all this rain, the garden is just dusty if you turn it over with a spade. So the rain has only soaked down about 200mm (8") so far. But it is still welcome.

And, hopefully, the shade will keep some of the water in a little longer.

Fingers crossed.



  1. How's the little kid with the armloads of golden eggs supposed to get past that stuff?

  2. Sadly now I am here in the North of England I have no need for shade clothes and the soil is always 'moist'. But my veg do grow surprisingly well and the soil is better than I had in the South East, there it was clay and baked solid in summer.

  3. Good luck as Dec Jan approaches.

  4. We've had the wettest November on record. The foundations of the house build project are now a swimming pool.

  5. humm... do you mean the gorgeous green of the plants, or that ineffable teal green of the shade cloth? I'm loving the shade cloth...

  6. It's hard to imagine some places of the world being so dry that you actually have to water plants!

    Yin and yang I suppose.

    It has been raining here for the past month ... we could do with some of your sun ... Could you organise that ... please?

  7. We put some netting up as well .. to keep the darn dog out! :-)


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