Sunday, 1 November 2009



I am a creature of habit and, like most humans, enjoy certain rituals.

I am not pagan but enjoy Halloween, Easter and New Year.

I am (distantly) Irish and enjoy St Patrick's Day. Especially the Guinness.

I am (sort of) Scottish and enjoy Burns Night.

I am not Christian (in the paid up member sense) but enjoy Christmas.

At the moment the house smells of fruitcake.

And it is good.


  1. That's how my house will smell today. Christmas is my favourite celebration.

  2. Not sure what one is meant to do at Halloween.

  3. i love fruitcake less than chocolate cake, and i have no reason for

  4. Chop wood, carry water.
    Eat when you are hungry,
    Sleep when you are tired.

    Slainte, Lee!

  5. No reason needed to love fruit cakes..I wish I can bake one now..or just pop in to your kitchen to have a slice!

  6. Your fruitcake looks lovely, ours is mostly awful, but on the other hand ours is full of walnuts and pecans- and I'm allergic to both.
    How about I make chocolate chip cookies?
    Happy Holidays from the beginning to the end ♥

  7. Fruitcake smells are indeed wonderful ... not so wonderful the smells that permeate the athmosphere after the cake has been consumed .... Sorry to lower the tone ...

  8. Fruitcake + thick cream & lady grey tea, delicious and enjoyable in small quantities.

  9. I am not much of a fruitcake fan but I have say, that looks pretty yummy!

  10. Jujee: What's a small quantity?

  11. I am not Irish but call myself Irish for the sake of Guinness.

  12. I like holidays too. It doesn't matter that they aren't mine; it's a party.

    We've a Jew in the family; she's up for a party around Dec. 25 as much as anyone. Oddly, she is perhaps the only one around who actually believes in God.

  13. Fruitcake is not my favourite - unless it's moist Christmas cake with lots of whisky in it as my mum used to make...

  14. mmmmm, I love fruitcake!

    it has a terrible reputation here, most likely because people insist on buying it instead of making it.

    wonder if I can find my mom's old recipe...

  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.......fruitcake........


  16. not really one of my favorite... that is, most of the fruitcakes i have tried are so stiff, i could use them as doorstops.


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