Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Pig? I'm not a pig!


Now if it was Guinea-swine flu...who would care?


  1. I have often wondered why they are called guinea pig, any clues Lee? ♡

  2. So cute - I can't believe his/her flu would do me any harm!

  3. They are called pigs because they were bred for their flesh! They may be small but they breed really quickly (up to five times a year) and can weigh up to 1.7 kg, so there might not be a huge amount of flesh on one animal but the animals are plentiful.

    Please don't ask me how you cook them.

  4. Thanks kapgaf for that information,I had no idea... they are far too cute to eat and 'no' I wont ask how they are cooked. :) ♡

  5. Aw, guinea pigs are soooo adorable.

  6. Well, my concern would be if you can get trichinosis from them if they are not cooked properly.


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