Friday, 2 October 2015

Spring garden

Nasturtums make a break for freedom

Over the wall, where next?

A self-sown freesia enclave in the lawn.


The tamarillo recovers from a savage pruning.

The bird feeder struggles for space.

Entrance to the secret garden.

Backyard wisteria.

The Goddess of the garden.  Ceres, I think.

The delicate quince blossums.

Old style 'Ballerina' rose.

Gazebo grape vine.


  1. Hi Lee
    Your freesias sow themselves like weeds in Oz. Here in the UK we buy them, cut, as exotica. When visiting my daughter in Perth I found that their scent lasted far longer than those we get over here. One of my favourite flowers for their scent.

    1. Freesia have two memories for me: my grandmother's favourite flower and university. I used to buy bunches to brighten up my room at Uni.

  2. Your green thumb has not only been busy in the garden, but on the camera as well! Thanks for sharing the beauty :)

  3. Wonderful photos, your garden is beautiful with many lovely, inviting spaces. Freesias are so pretty, they pop up in my lawn too.
    Happy weekend!
    xoxoxo ♡


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