Monday, 12 August 2013

Now you see you don't.

Went for a walk today and, while out, a severe squall came through.

I turned my head away from the wind and...

...never saw my glasses again.

Rimless, antiglare, very light and somewhere on the Upfield train line enclosure.

$900 to go for a walk.

Could have bought a treadmill.


  1. Who pays $ 900 for a pair of specs ? Movie stars? Sorry you lost them anyway.Has not been a good Monday. Friday maybe better:)

  2. Sorry Lee that is bad luck. It was extremely windy here too, leaves and branches flying everywhere, trees blown down in some suburbs.
    I was nearly blown off my feet so glasses would not stand a chance.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Gah! And I thought mine were expensive! You could have gotten new eyes for that ;).

  4. If I had known you were wealthy I would have been much nicer to you:)

  5. Boy! What an unfortunate fluke! That will teach you to watch where you're walking!

  6. What rotten luck. I have had the experience of losing my specs to the wind, although that was in High Street Northcote. What were you doing walking along the Upfield Train Line anyway?


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