Sunday, 10 June 2012

A slight change of plans...

The possums have found a new path to the tamarillos.

(I have visions of them singing "Is this the way to Tamarillo?" in surprising baritone voices.)

So I have harvested them all. 

The tamarillos.  Apparently I am not allowed to harvest the possums.

So, will try poaching them.  The tamarillos.  Forget possums for the remainder of this post.

Will also try dehydrating some.  Who knows; quinces were unexpectedly magical.

Will also try a tamarillo chutney tomorrow.

Others will be sliced, sprinkled with sugar and eaten.

Had an avocado, tamarillo and onion salsa with lunch.  Not bad.  Needed some roast pork.

Anyone nearby who would like some, let me know.


  1. Any recipes for possum, preferably in a nice tamarillo sauce?

  2. Just take a chicken and apricot recipe and transpose. Should work.

  3. Can't - was never much good at maths, especially transposition.

  4. Don't need to transpose, just use an inverse matrix.

  5. Actually, it's a shame we can't eat possums. In the UK, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has been going on and on about eating gray squirrels, surely possums are far off those?

  6. If someone from Aust Post arrives on your doorstep with a box...


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