Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spring is coming.


I always love it when the magnolia flowers.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Here, they are trees. Yours look like a shrub...?
    Is there a perfume scent?

  2. ...and, to be sure, that part of the world is quite special.
    Our trees are your "shrubs" although the description doesn't do them justice.
    And, just as amazing, our flower gardens are your trees, as here there are NO peony trees. Only peony "bushes" and THAT name is also a bit misnomenclature, as it is more a group of related plants.
    (Japan has the Peony trees)

    But still, here's hoping your folk at least one third gentle sprinkly days, and only three burning hot days all Summer.

    (what the heck...if one is to dream, might as well be a castle as a shack, eh?)

  3. The colours cheer up your it.

  4. So beautiful are your magnolia blossoms, the fragrance must be lovely.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. They're so beautiful, Lee!

  6. i wish! i'm jealous, fall comin here, then… :(
    love magnolias!!


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