Thursday, 3 September 2009

August Hotly


◊ August was the hottest August on record for all parts of Australia.

◊ The first eight months of 2009 were the driest first eight months of a year on record in Melbourne.

Not that climate change is a real or serious issue, of course.



  1. Yes Lee its a worry, I am dreading Summmer,I feel sorry for the farmers and the plight of their stock when we have these droughts, we have had bushfires already in August, bushland and animals destroyed and more properties under threat. :( ♡

  2. Will most likely be the hottest summer on record for a while too. We had the hottest in 65 years here in West Bengal. And I was in Oz in August, and yeah, it was warm in parts...but Adelaide was still bloody freezing :))

  3. Climate change? What's this climate change of which you speak? (I live in Krazy Konservative Kountry, remember? Climate change DOESN'T exist 'round these parts).

  4. I agree - climate change is serious! Doesn't only result in droughts - but in floods, storms and other unusual weather patterns.

  5. I admit, it's one of the reasons I'm ready to leave CA and move across the country - I just don't have the nerves or the heart for fire seasons that go 11 months of the year.

  6. If you've time for a novel, try Matthew Glass's 'Ultimatum'. It has a ring of authenticity about it, and without being alarmist is bloody alarming.


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